Tamara Douglas is an Artist and Art Educator in Atlanta, Georgia. She has educated over 6,000 children and adults in various art therapies and expression techniques.  She teaches her students that Art can be used as a tool to express and understand the deepest human emotions. Tamara has a passion for expanding self-love and emotional intelligence thru human understanding.  She believes art can be used as a catalyst to enrich, enliven and elevate the lives of many.

Tamara is also a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher as well as an Intuitive Healer. She uses her empathic and intuitive abilities to heal, connect and expand consciousness all over the world.

Her current artworks encompass the life-altering magic of color, line, shape, and repetition as meditative visions for the mind. These elements of art are used to transport the viewer into a mindful, therapeutic, and visually exhilarating experience. 

I have been an artist since I was a child. Art was a great way for me to express myself being that I was reserved and independent as a child. I became an Art teacher to give my students the same platform for self-expression that I gained as a child. I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD as a young adult and used yoga, meditation, and holistic medicine to heal myself. Today, I am a survivor and an empowered empath.  I utilize my art and spiritual energy to raise consciousness and heal the planet. 


As an Artist and Intuitive Healer, I create art that symbolizes love, beauty, and romance. These are qualities that are truly necessary in the world we live in today. My artwork raises your vibration, protects your living/working space with spirit energy, and ultimately connects you to your higher self. There is true healing in the power of
art like the colors and their vibrations provide the soul with enlightenment and infinite knowledge. My art expands the consciousness and feeds the spiritual being within us all.


BFA Art Education, Georgia State University

RYT 200 Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Certified Holistic Practitioner